FyT Group  develops and maintains activities in Latin America

for the Management of Complex Assets (Sensitive Assets).

In this arena Fyt Group presents unique solutions for Human

Capital Management with the most extensive and complete

set of services regards any kind of employment relation.  

FyT HRo  is a complete set of functions and practices

implementing the conventional HR department routine, as a

secure basis for the implementation of other (more strategic)

levels of a responsible Human Capital Management practice

and dynamic phasing with business changing needs.


Image & Brands  Protection is a Service and Technology

Solution  for Management and surveillance of Corporate

Image and Brands in the cyberspace.



• Employee Attention Center(EAC)  

• Legal & Disputes Mediation  

• Training & Development (FyT Academy)  

• Payroll & Other Payments



• Labor Health & Balance  

• Legal & Contracts Compliance  

• Organizacional Management & Productivity




• Salary & Compensation Planning  

• Recruiting & New Talents Programs  

• Benefits Management & Sourcing