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One of the most basic (and important) functions of HR department is related to payments. In any society this function is taken as fundamental for its impact in all Organization levels. Payroll function has the challenge of minimizing any kind of errors in calculations, being ready to quickly answer for any individual doubt and questioning, solving as quick as possible any mistake or miscalculation. To achieve good results the work has to include a good definition of rules and processes, guaranteeing transparency regards any issues like discounts, delays, absences, etc. Latin American labor legislations, but especially in Brazil, are extremely huge and hard to manage. Just as an example the “basic” labor law (called CLT) has around 1,000 articles, not to mention thousands of amendments, additional regulations, etc. The following board shows some kind of labor contracts admitted in Brazil. Within each type of legal relationship there are several consequences (inter-related sometimes) and possibilities presenting lots of choices and consequently potential risks. According to several organisms Brazil has one of the most complex labor legislations in the world, creating a very challenging compliance situation.



Main Types of Contracts Typical  
Metrics for  
Salary and
MD´s, Directors
Pro-Labore Attendance and/or Results
Results Share and Reimbursements Attendance and/or Production
Sale Representatives (REPS) Commissions and
Fees and
Attendance and/or
Contribution for Tuition and Benefits Attendance
Fees and Reimbursements Attendance and/or