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FyT-HRo® - Salary & Compensation Planning


Salaries and Compensation Plans contain a lot of questions, opinions and as rule conflicts of interests. FyT Group as an independent entity looks for mechanisms to turn Salaries and Compensation Plans an objective and transparent issue. Since Salaries for one side must be fair, they have to be, as a matter of surviving, be compatible with market reality as well as in harmony with Company situation: geographic location, sector and products, margins, offer and demand, among other factors. Salaries and Compensation Plans must fulfill current situation as well as offer exciting policies to attract and retain Talents as a secure path guaranteeing continuous operations and growth in the mean and long term. FyT Group develops, follows, revaluates and updates Salaries and Compensation Plan Policies targeting the necessary balanced positioning of Companies into their market niche, promoting internal and external negotiation and conciliation (unions, law enforcement authorities, government agencies, etc.) as it may be necessary.