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According to several studies and researches, leading consumers trust Internet most than any other Media. When such consumers decide for buying something, they make an online “trip” over the net. 2/3 of them, under request of someone else, pass information about products and/or services to a group of 5 to 20 other individuals, that take such information to make their own decision.




The Corporate Image and its Brands are one of the most important Assets. For some of these organizations their Image and Brands are the Business itself. The challenge for managing such Assets is the diversity and complexity of the Digital Media, specially the WorldWideNet. There are thousands of sites published (created and/or updated) each day. Within this universe some of them are produced internally by organizations or even by its partners and eventually by its own Employees, Managers, etc. Such site pages are a relatively controlled space and generally named as IntraSites.

But the “outer”, “real” internet is published every minute, everywhere and cannot be “controlled”. Nevertheless one cannot control such “wide” space, there are procedures to be taken as to inhibit unnecessary exposure, and show real interest and attention in protecting corporate Image and Brands.




Now Imagine the ability to find


and react to references to


Brands and Image


of your Organization


in the Internet,


and specially those produced


by your Employees and Managers.

FyT Group presents a Solution made of technologies and services to face
such a huge challenge. Our proprietary technology (SIES) is a repository
for incidents about your Company Brands and Image. SIES lets Company
select among several relevant cases and determine which resolution must
 be taken. Services guarantee that just real relevant cases will be passed to
 be treated and which recommendations should be taken in each case (notice
 letters, legal warnings, etc.).
Even though Image and Brands Protection Service should be used by various
 departments withing organization (marketing, legal, etc), the main purpose is
to provide a valuable tool to identify, register and deal with incidents related to
 usage of Image and Brands of the Organization by stake holders like Employees,
 Managers, Partners, Dealer, as well as their associated people. Most relevant
cases are searched, registered and treated. In any case the repository of
incidents, its treatment, and history may be taken as a proof in cases of
administrative and/or legal measures.