Employee Benefits

Latin American labor legislations, but specially Brazilian ones, impose to employers the obligation to provide a series of benefits to employees (consequently the management of those Benefits). In some cases (e.g. for low-end salaries) benefits like transportation means an important part of salary costs demanding a very tight planning including the geographic region where those employees will be recruited. Besides legal obligations there are various other benefits conceded as employees considered them as a “good company to work” practice. Among those benefits are meals stamps, some credit operations in Banks with company guarantees (and lower interest rates), health/dental plans (for employee and his/her family), some level of subsides to buy medicines, partial/total coverage for educational tuitions, baby gardens, etc. For special groups inside companies (executives, sales teams) may be necessary as an attractive mean to offer some additional benefits like vehicles, fuel, trips, company telephones, housing, education fees for family, etc. FyT Group, besides all ordinary management of company benefits, apply continuous benchmarking regards benefits offered by competence, and other means of offering the best for the lower cost possible. Even “set of your choice” benefits may be offered to employees so they may choose what best fit their needs and company interests.